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Friday, March 30, 2007

Agloco directory

You might have noticed the AglocoDirectory button under "Vote for this blog". Their website has a list of everything Agloco-related. There are separate categories for blogs, websites, Squidoo lenses, etc. and separate lists for each country (if yours isn't there yet, they will add it). Their support is friendly and answered all my questions.

I recommend adding your sites to this directory. It's quick and easy. You don't even have to link back to them - but then your site won't get higher ranking because your visitors will be unable to vote.

My only complaint with their site is the design - it's too dark and gloomy. Am I the only one who thinks all Agloco sites should be in green? :)


Agloco Directory said...


There is another directory where you can register your website. It shows exclusively sites about AGLOCO:

I hope you get more visitors from it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I like more AglocoDir's design.

Anonymous said...

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