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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Banners for promoting Agloco

I've made some 468x60 banners for Agloco, and you're welcome to use them freely. I'm not good at design, so these don't look professional, but they're quite original if I might say so :)



For more (and better looking) banners of various sizes, visit

Finally, I'd like to invite all Agloco-related Squidoo lenses to my newly created group, called "Own the Internet". All new and recently updated lenses will be listed on the group HQ page.


Simon said...

nice blog, Andrew. I have put your link to my blog

Andrew said...

Thanks Simon. I've linked back to your blog as well.

I'll do the same for each blog that links to me - let me know.

Vinh said...

hey dude, i dont know how you found my blog but you left a comment with no contact info. anyways your Agloco idea sounds interesting, tell me more about it. email me vinhboy at gmail and we can talk or share links.

Fraga said...

I put your link in my blog, interesting and nice blog andy

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