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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My new site about Agloco

I have started a new site about Agloco today. It's in Lithuanian so it won't be useful for you english readers, but I just have to brag! We have a news section there, and plenty of information about the company. It includes a neat little flag near your link as well. Here's the URL for those who are interested:

I'll use the site to publish unbiased (hopefully!) information and news. However, the reason I started it is getting more users to join my network (surprised?). I've been really enthusiastic about Agloco lately. There are so many sites about it starting up, Google finds over 2.1 mil results already and their Alexa rating is climbing. So, I decided that I can't miss this.

Speaking of referrals, you can see my stats here:
I am far from being a pro recruiter - however, March certainly is a good month for me. As you can see, I got +18 extended referrals in 14 days. That's a big improvement, because I was getting mostly direct referrals before - and extended levels are more important. Take the guy who has 124 referrals in his first level and over 20k(!) in extended as an example. If you manage to recruit some active, dedicated people, you can get hundreds of referrals from there on, without doing much yourself. Which, I believe, might actually be a problem. I am going to analyze referral levels in Agloco in my next post, after I discuss the issue with some of my friends.

In brief, you saw my current stats, and you saw my new website. Let's see how much it will help me in building my downline.


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