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Monday, March 12, 2007

Squidoo - a great place to promote Agloco

Squidoo is a handbuilt catalog of interesting online stuff. It's made of little cute pages called "lenses", and each one of them describes a single topic. You can build one in minutes with their module system. You can even make money by placing pre-made affiliate modules (for example, Amazon or eBay product links), and everything you make with them will be paid by Squidoo. Nice!

There's also the social networking aspect of the site. You can have your lenses listed in the directory, lensrolls, top lists, groups and so on. That means getting free, targeted traffic. I suggest you check Squidoo out. Create a lens about Agloco, add some content, link back to your blog or site. Don't forget to join Agloco group on Squidoo - yep, we have Agloco members everywhere!


Philomena Ojikutu said...


thanks for the visit. the 7-day was a slip of fingers, i wanted to type 14 days.

keep up the good works.

i sure would link to your blog.

Andrew said...

Thank you - I've added a link to your blog.

Agloco said...

Nice blog about agloco.

Agloco Center said...

I'm also stopping by to say hi and thank you for the visit.

And for the subject of this post, I got a Squidoo page too at :)

Andrius said...

I'll welcome all Agloco-related lenses to my group at Squidoo, called "Own the Internet":
The group HQ page has "newest lens" and "recently updated lenses" lists so this should give you some exposure.

Agloco Informan said...

hi andrew,

i had added your Andrew Owns Agloco to my agloco blog please add mine with Agloco Earn Money Online


Bruno GILLET said...

well done,
nice blog ! how about the success university

keep it up Viva Agloco !!

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