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Sunday, April 29, 2007

E-mail from Agloco

Today I got an e-mail from Agloco titled "AGLOCO Viewbar Update". It was a disappointment because there still aren't any news about launch date. The e-mail contained information that was posted on Agloco's blog over 3 weeks ago! I guess it's for the members who don't bother to read it. (Not that there's much to read lately, it hasn't been updated for 13 days).

There was an interesting piece of information in that e-mail though:

You can only get credit referral hours up to the amount you directly surf (meaning if you surf 3 hours but a referral surfs 4, you will only get credit for the first 3 of your referral’s 4 hours).

I'm not sure if this was mentioned somewhere before, but it's my first time reading it. Sure, surfing 5 hours a month is easy. But what about this part of their membership agreement:

Monthly Time Limit May Change. The amount of time that will be credited to your account for You, Your Referrals, and Extended Referrals is limited by applicable Monthly Time Limits, and You agree that AGLOCO™ may change (decrease or increase) the Monthly Time Limit at any time for any country or countries effective as of the posting of the new limit on the page setting forth the Monthly Time Limits <...>.

If Agloco would apply different monthly time limits for different countries, this would hurt not only your personal earnings, but the earnings from your referrals as well (since you wouldn't be able to surf as much as they do). Now, I don't mind getting paid less for my hours because I'm from Lithuania. Being realistic, I understand that more advertisers want to promote their business to someone from US than someone from my country. However, applying different time limit is another matter. I have referrals from all over the world and limiting my surfing hours would limit my earnings from my downline as well. I hope it won't come to this.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Agloco network update

I got my 250th referral today:

Compared to my stats just over a month ago, I have +150 referrals. The best thing is, my extended referrals have tripled, and the number is now higher than of those in my direct level. However, I noticed that most of people signed up in the first two weeks of April (probably anticipating the viewbar release). I barely got any new referrals after that.
I will work towards getting into that top 1% for now, and hope that Agloco will not fail to start when promised (again) :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

$1.99 domain names

If you plan to buy a domain, take a look at Yahoo! SmallBusiness which offers one for ridiculously low price of 2 bucks. This discount is only applied to the first year though.

I've decided to buy to use with this blog, but I ran into a problem. I could only make or (without www) work properly, but not both at the same time. There's a lot of discussions about this in Blogger's google groups. I didn't find a working solution though, so in the end I gave up and set up a simple forwarding. You might want to keep this in mind if you decide to use your domain with

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Viewbar delay

If you read the official blog of Agloco, you probably know that Viewbar release was delayed again, and no new date was given. All we know is that it should come this month. The reason mentioned was a problem in "integrating viewbar and ad servers".

I realise a lot of people are frustrated (I am somewhat annoyed myself), but I don't think it's a reason to panic... yet. Comparing delay of new Mac OS release with delay of Viewbar release might not be the best example, but a lot of software gets delayed and then released later just fine. The problem is that many people are skeptic about Agloco because it's a money making opportunity. So, delaying the launch will hurt Agloco's image. You can see all kinds of negative comments on their site already.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Offline advertising and free business cards

I found that VistaPrint is offering free 250 business cards. You have to pay for delivery though (around $6). There are plenty of designs to choose from although they aren't very impressive.

I thought I might use those to advertise my site about Agloco "offline". I have been wondering if such advertising (like newspaper ads or fliers) would be any good. It wouldn't be targeted - most people who would see my ad probably wouldn't be interested in "online money making". On the other hand, it would help to reach a bigger audience. Besides, Agloco's idea is so simple it would appeal to anyone. All you have to do to make money is install their viewbar and use it 5 hours a month.

I am going to experiment with this idea and post updates if I buy any "offline" ads. I was thinking about some local newspapers because ads there are affordable. If you have any experience or tips about promoting money making opportunities like Agloco this way, let me know.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Viewbar release details

The official Agloco blog had something interesting today. Apparently the Viewbar will be released in batches, depending on your registration date. That makes me glad I have BBBD, although there won't be much advantage for getting it early if surfing limit is still a mere 5 hours a month.

The initial launch is for Windows OS only. They did say Linux and Mac versions are coming though. That's nice to hear although I'm windows-only user myself *gets stared at*.

I found the ending of their blog post to be most interesting. They say Agloco has agreements with 17 ad networks. Too bad none of them were mentioned - I couldn't find any list in their "partners" page either. Which makes me wonder if they will have some of the "giants" like DoubleClick advertising in the viewbar. If they did mention a few big names that would probably improve their reputation in eyes of skeptics. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.