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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another blog traffic exchange

About a week ago I wrote about BlogExplosion. This time it's another blog-only traffic exchange, You get visitors for your blog by surfing, just like in other traffic exchanges. The nice thing is that it has a 1:1 surfing ratio - that means you get 1 visitor back for 1 site you view.

Adding and approving your blog here is really easy. You have to wait for admin to approve your sites in other traffic exchanges - but not in BlogMad! Approvals are done by 'claiming' your blog (similar to the way you claim your blog on Technorati). You just place their code on your blog and activate their 'spider'.

After activating your blog, you can start getting traffic. Your blog will also be instantly added to their directory, and there's no need to link back to them. BlogMad also has an integrated text link exchange (you can place text link ads on your blog or buy them on other blogs). This all is done using the same credits you get for surfing.

BlogMad is in beta, but don't let that turn you down. It's working and improving every day.


ylfoo @ SG said...

It seems to me that you are coping well in your blog. Well done!!


You do yourself proud!

By the way, you can consider using Yahoo Answer to increase your exposure to the Internet by answering questions regarding making money online or any of your expertise.

The cool thing is its FREE!!

Hope it helps.

To Your Success

Andrew said...

Thanks for your advice - I signed up for Yahoo! Answers.

fdask said...

I've tried out, along with a few other blog traffic exchange services. You can check out my results here:

I didn't find blogmad a very well run service at all.

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