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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

John Chow, the #4 Agloco recruiter

If you have visited Agloco Top Gun site at least once, you probably noticed the #4 Agloco recruiter, John Chow, who has over 15.000 Agloco signups. The amazing thing is that only ~1k of them are direct - that means his referrals are very active. John Chow is also the one who got his hands on the Viewbar early - they even wrote about that on Agloco's blog. Why?

The reason: John Chow is a very successful blogger. His blog has nearly 5 thousand subscribers, and he makes thousands of dollars from it monthly. Heck, he probably only had to make a post about Agloco to get those 15k referrals - while some of us struggle to get one hundred *cough cough*. Of course, Agloco isn't the only thing he writes about on his blog. There are many other money makers, posts containing good advice, and posts containing not-so-good paid reviews. is also one of the first results on google for 'make money online'. This is largely thanks to reviews like this one, because Mr. Chow offers you a link back if you review his blog. Some people might know this as 'google bomb' - using anchor text to influence search results. Nevertheless, a link from a PR6 blog is always nice!


Make Money Online said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adnrew, I just read your review.

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PS. If you have friends involved with Agloco as well, feel free to let them know of this. And, of course, your blog readers and Agloco downline.

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