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Monday, May 28, 2007

Make 80x15 buttons easily

As you probably know, 80x15 buttons, or "badges" are very popular, especially among bloggers. People use them when exchanging links, or to show which CMS their site is running on, or that it has valid code, and so on. There even are some banner exchanges which use this format.

If you want to make great looking 80x15 buttons (like this one: ) yourself , there is no need for Photoshop or any other heavyweight image editor. All you need is this online tool from BlogFlux. You can choose text, border and background colors as well as text alignment. The button generated comes in *.gif format. You can also make bigger 88x13 buttons the same way.

If you need more functions, try online button maker by LuccaZappa. This one generates *.png files. There are many fonts avalaible, you can set text position precisely, and upload your own images to be used as part of the button.

Since these websites don't host the buttons you make, you will need to save them to your PC first. Then you can upload them to your own site, or a free image host like ImageShack.

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