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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Where is the community?

Agloco is a global community. So, why is it so hard to communicate between the members? I'm talking about something as simple as ability to contact your downline, or at least see who's in your downline. This way I could help my referrals to recruit, or perhaps I could get advice myself from my more experienced upline. Spam? Not a big problem. Direct e-mails are not necessary, something like personal message system on Agloco's site would do just fine.

Speaking of Agloco's site, it's... boring. Once you read the promotional texts, there's nothing else to do there. The only dynamic part of the site is Agloco's blog, but we're lucky if we get one update a week. Now, when I read "global community" or "economic network", I imagine as a big website with it's own forums, user-submitted news, various statistics of Agloco's network, information about shares and so on. Or, how about personal splash pages for each Agloco member which could have your text ("I have made: $___ from Agloco), referral stats and signup link? Contests, who can bring in most referrals? Widgets for Blogger that show live Agloco account stats? :)

Why? Because people like it. could get insane amounts of visitors once they start paying. Now, make those visitors stay, and then return each day. They would be able to sell lots of advertising not only on Viewbar, but their site as well, which in turn would mean more money for the members. I've seen member created texts promoting Agloco which said something like "YouTube was bought for $1.65 billion - it's members never made a cent from it". Such comparison isn't valid right now. YouTube is user-submitted content site. Agloco has no user-submitted content. It only has (a promise of) a Viewbar right now. I do hope that once they release the Viewbar they will seriously improve their web site as well.

I believe Agloco has an amazing potential and a good team. I'm just not sure if they can make it work - last few months we got nothing but "news" further delaying the launch of the company.


Dorins said...

In my opinion, Agloco will never really launch it's viewbar. It's already a dead thing.

Nishanth bhansali said...

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Andrius said...
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Andrius said...

Sorry, but would you consider adding link exchange to your blog's sidebar for better visibility? Because that's where my links are.

If not that's OK too, I'll just add your blog link to the next blog post I make (but not to the sidebar then).

Happily Anonymous said...

Agloco has a good team? It's the same bunch who were involved in alladvantage years ago which went belly up and screwed over countless people on payouts.

Andrew said...

They did pay out $120 million to the members though didn't they?

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