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Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Agloco network update

It's almost the end of June, and here are my stats for the first month that we had the Viewbar:

I have over 400 referrals now, which is a pretty good result for me. Since I was checking my statistics often, I noticed that I barely got any signups in the beginning of the month, but that improved a week or so after Agloco had released the Viewbar. Not exactly a "boom" I was hoping for, though.

As for referral earnings, they are alright too. Assuming all active members surf 5 hours a month, about 20.3% of my downline is actively using the Viewbar. To tell you the truth, I was really disappointed with these numbers at first (since they mean only every fifth member in my downline is active), but then I learned that many Agloco recruiters have similar statistics. In fact, John Chow's "NAI" (Network Activity Index) is just 11.4%. I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that.

You can calculate your NAI by using the following formula:

(referral hours / referral count * 1.25) * 100

Which in my case would be (102.2 / 402*1.25)*100=20.29%. I like statistics, so I'd be interested to know your NAI as well.

Monday, June 25, 2007

MarketingPond downline builder

I have seen many Marketing Pond ads on forums and traffic exchanges lately, so I decided to join. Marketing Pond is basically a free downline builder that lets you promote many different programs at once - including Agloco.

After you signup at Marketing Pond, you will be able to enter your referral IDs in the programs list. If you are not a member of that particular program, you can join by clicking it's title. The referral IDs you enter will be automatically shown to your Marketing Pond downline in their programs list. If they decide join one, they will be joining under you (provided you entered your referral ID). That's why it's wise to signup for as many listed programs as possible. However, if you find most programs useless to you, then there is no point in joining Marketing Pond - so check their list first.

Marketing Pond can help you save time by promoting all your affiliate links at once. It may or may not get you more referrals compared to promoting each program separately. The thing is, nothing stops your Marketing Pond downline from joining listed programs by using another referral link (from a different downline builder, for example) and not the one with your ID that they are given. Also, many people will already be members of listed programs when they join Marketing Pond. That's why I am a bit skeptic about it, but I'll give MP a try anyway.

As a member, you don't have to worry about being nagged to buy "premium membership", because MP doesn't have one. You won't get spammed with annoying "incredible one-time offers" either. That's what makes it different from most other downline builders.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Viewbar avalaible for download on Tucows

In their latest blog update, Agloco announced that Viewbar is avalaible for download on, a software distributor website. This should take the load off Agloco's servers (it has been really hard to log on to my account during last week). The Viewbar download on Tucows has it's own rating and a forum thread, so you might want to drop by.

Since it's forbidden to distribute the Viewbar by yourself, and Agloco site isn't always working, you can now give the members of your website the alternate download link on Tucows:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Promoting Agloco in traffic exchanges

Using traffic exchanges to promote Agloco might not be very effective, but it's free and easy. You should not, however, promote your Agloco referral URL directly. It sends visitors straight to the registration form, and you will be lucky to get any signups this way. Use a splash page instead, and get the most out of your traffic credits.

A splash page is a simple and short page that visitors see before entering your main site, in this case - Agloco referral URL. Splash pages used for traffic exchanges should load fast, have no auto-playing audio, and as few images as possible (many traffic exchange users surf with graphics turned off).

It's important to write a catchy, attention-grabbing headline. You should also outline most important reasons to join Agloco, or some interesting facts about it. The visitors will only look at your splash page for a few seconds, but if it gets their attention they will read further, and if they become interested, they will click the signup link.

When creating a splash page for traffic exchanges, you should try to be original. Surfers there see ads all the time, so it's important to make your page stand out. That can be achieved with original, interesting text rather than flashing animation or annoying audio advertising "incredible money making system which will make you a millionaire in 7 days™".

I'm a member of a lot of traffic exchanges, even if I don't use them very often. If you'd like to join one, I recommend TrafficG. It has 30 second timers, great 1:1 surf ratio and a start page exchange. Set it as your homepage and your Agloco splash page will get a visitor every time you start your browser. You also can target visitors by their country or interests - a feature which puts TrafficG well above most other traffic exchanges.

Finally, here's a splash page that I use to promote Agloco. It's just an example to give you an idea of how such page might look. If you want to create a splash page, there are sites which will generate one and even host it (usually at the cost of showing their ads). Creating one by yourself isn't hard either, and you can host it on a fast server (like excellent and free AwardSpace).

Monday, June 11, 2007 review

Jason Neuman at is offering a link back to my blog if I review his blog. This is the second post of this kind I'm writing - I reviewed John Chow's blog a while ago, and besides a free link, I even got some visitors. was started on February the 10th, 2007. I had to mention that, because in the relatively short time of 5 months, Jason's blog achieved Google PageRank 5 and Technorati authority of nearly 500 (to compare, this blog is PR3, so I win more from the deal). This was accomplished using various aggressive (and effective) link building tactics, including posting so-called "link trains", submitting to directories, and, of course, asking for reviews like this one. Jason even created a blog here at Blogger with sole purpose of linking to - now this part is not very nice :-)

Jason writes on various subjects, including cars, family, technology, and making money online. There are only a few short posts on technology and cars though. Personally, I found information about link building useful. I am going to try submitting my blog into some directories using the tool he introduced. I'm still wary of posting those link trains (similar to chain mails, you post a bunch of links and add yours at the bottom).

I got the impression that the whole reason Jason started JaKelDaily was to make money. That's because his blog doesn't have a defined topic and concentrates on building traffic like I mentioned. Of course, I have nothing against that - after all, the only reason I started this blog was to promote Agloco.

I also have to commend Jason for updating - you guessed it - daily. Unlike some blogs (cough, cough) it usually has something new for you every day.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Agloco Viewbar has been released

I've been using the Viewbar for last 30 minutes or so. It sits at the bottom of my screen and refuses to show any kind of ads. Agloco's blog says that the ad servers were overloaded and ad network people are working on it. Anyway, it's not Agloco's problem, and even if you don't see any advertisements, you are getting paid for surfing already! Besides the white space in the center where they should be, the Viewbar is fully functional.

Since seems to be overloaded as well, you might have to retry a few times before you manage to login. Here's a direct download link from (you might actually want to login first and check if there's a newer version):

The funny thing is, a lot of members will probably use up their 5 hours monthly limit without ever seeing a single ad (I did, for one). That makes me think that it's not likely we'll get paid in cash in the next month or two. It was mentioned vaguely in Agloco's official blog few weeks ago as well. Getting Viewbar is just the start.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Viewbar will be released tomorrow

Yes, you read that right! There's a new post titled "Viewbar release this Monday" on Agloco's official blog, and that's exactly what it means. With no news from them for a while, I'm glad I can finally write an Agloco-related post myself.

Viewbar will be released on the morning of June 4th (California time). For anyone wondering, that's GMT -7, so it will be evening in Europe (that's where I live) and early Tuesday morning in Asia. I'm not sure yet, but it seems they dropped the idea of releasing the Viewbar in batches and decided to release it for everyone in one go, as their newest post doesn't say anything about download being available only to some members.

The supported OS for Viewbar are Windows Vista, WinXP and Win2000. The supported browsers are Firefox and IE. Anyone using Linux OS or a Mac will have to wait till they release an appropriate version.

Having invested time and even some money in building my Agloco network, I'm very glad to hear that it's finally starting to pay off. It might be a while till I hold that check in my hands, but Viewbar release and official launch of the company is the first step to that. I hope fellow members still feel optimistic about Agloco's future?