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Monday, June 4, 2007

Agloco Viewbar has been released

I've been using the Viewbar for last 30 minutes or so. It sits at the bottom of my screen and refuses to show any kind of ads. Agloco's blog says that the ad servers were overloaded and ad network people are working on it. Anyway, it's not Agloco's problem, and even if you don't see any advertisements, you are getting paid for surfing already! Besides the white space in the center where they should be, the Viewbar is fully functional.

Since seems to be overloaded as well, you might have to retry a few times before you manage to login. Here's a direct download link from (you might actually want to login first and check if there's a newer version):

The funny thing is, a lot of members will probably use up their 5 hours monthly limit without ever seeing a single ad (I did, for one). That makes me think that it's not likely we'll get paid in cash in the next month or two. It was mentioned vaguely in Agloco's official blog few weeks ago as well. Getting Viewbar is just the start.


Happily Anonymous said... the scam site begins, huh?

Andrew said...

I understand the concerns people are having with Agloco, but why would you say it's a scam site?

Happily Anonymous said...

Because it was formed by the same people who were in charge of alladvantage who shafted countless people over a few years ago. I would find it hard to believe they're going to be honest with this site based on that alone. Crooks are crooks.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be forgetting AllAdvantage paid out $100 million to its members.Have google/youtube, mysapce,yahoo,microsoft ever give $100 million back to its members, i think not

And the reason they collapsed was become the dot com bubble burst so internet advertising plummeted overnight, something out of there hands

Anonymous said...

Some people just like to happily and anonymously sling the mud at anything that passes. I'm sure Agloco are the real deal. I just wish I could get my adbar to work! I can't log in despite trying all hours of the day and night for the last 4-5 days.

I've written to them for help, telling them that I tried Quitting the viewbar and reloading it, and that I have also de-installed the software and downloaded it again. They replied suggesting that I try Quitting and reloading the view bar, or that I try reinstalling the software. Hmph!! Can't they read? Very disappointing. Anyone else having such a problem? I am dead keen to begin to use it even if I can't see any ads!

Andrius said...

Ouch, doesn't look like they have good support :)

I never had any problems with installing or running the Viewbar. If you can't ever login, I can only guess a firewall is blocking it. Do you use Norton Internet Security, ZoneAlarm or anything of the sort?

Anonymous said...

Oh Andrius I love you!!!!

I am used to being asked by my firewall program to allow permission in such cases, but you indeed had the answer to my problem! I opened ZoneAlarm and then added the Viewbar to the list of programs, gave it permissions and VOILA! I have my viewbar running! No ads of course but It's there! I am so happy!

haha! Forgive my outburst. I won't retract it though. I'm sure you are very lovable! hahah!

Andrius said...

You're welcome, glad I could help.

Anonymous said...

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Andrius said...

Sounds interesting, let me take a look.

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