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Monday, June 11, 2007 review

Jason Neuman at is offering a link back to my blog if I review his blog. This is the second post of this kind I'm writing - I reviewed John Chow's blog a while ago, and besides a free link, I even got some visitors. was started on February the 10th, 2007. I had to mention that, because in the relatively short time of 5 months, Jason's blog achieved Google PageRank 5 and Technorati authority of nearly 500 (to compare, this blog is PR3, so I win more from the deal). This was accomplished using various aggressive (and effective) link building tactics, including posting so-called "link trains", submitting to directories, and, of course, asking for reviews like this one. Jason even created a blog here at Blogger with sole purpose of linking to - now this part is not very nice :-)

Jason writes on various subjects, including cars, family, technology, and making money online. There are only a few short posts on technology and cars though. Personally, I found information about link building useful. I am going to try submitting my blog into some directories using the tool he introduced. I'm still wary of posting those link trains (similar to chain mails, you post a bunch of links and add yours at the bottom).

I got the impression that the whole reason Jason started JaKelDaily was to make money. That's because his blog doesn't have a defined topic and concentrates on building traffic like I mentioned. Of course, I have nothing against that - after all, the only reason I started this blog was to promote Agloco.

I also have to commend Jason for updating - you guessed it - daily. Unlike some blogs (cough, cough) it usually has something new for you every day.

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