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Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Agloco network update

It's almost the end of June, and here are my stats for the first month that we had the Viewbar:

I have over 400 referrals now, which is a pretty good result for me. Since I was checking my statistics often, I noticed that I barely got any signups in the beginning of the month, but that improved a week or so after Agloco had released the Viewbar. Not exactly a "boom" I was hoping for, though.

As for referral earnings, they are alright too. Assuming all active members surf 5 hours a month, about 20.3% of my downline is actively using the Viewbar. To tell you the truth, I was really disappointed with these numbers at first (since they mean only every fifth member in my downline is active), but then I learned that many Agloco recruiters have similar statistics. In fact, John Chow's "NAI" (Network Activity Index) is just 11.4%. I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that.

You can calculate your NAI by using the following formula:

(referral hours / referral count * 1.25) * 100

Which in my case would be (102.2 / 402*1.25)*100=20.29%. I like statistics, so I'd be interested to know your NAI as well.


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