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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Promoting Agloco in traffic exchanges

Using traffic exchanges to promote Agloco might not be very effective, but it's free and easy. You should not, however, promote your Agloco referral URL directly. It sends visitors straight to the registration form, and you will be lucky to get any signups this way. Use a splash page instead, and get the most out of your traffic credits.

A splash page is a simple and short page that visitors see before entering your main site, in this case - Agloco referral URL. Splash pages used for traffic exchanges should load fast, have no auto-playing audio, and as few images as possible (many traffic exchange users surf with graphics turned off).

It's important to write a catchy, attention-grabbing headline. You should also outline most important reasons to join Agloco, or some interesting facts about it. The visitors will only look at your splash page for a few seconds, but if it gets their attention they will read further, and if they become interested, they will click the signup link.

When creating a splash page for traffic exchanges, you should try to be original. Surfers there see ads all the time, so it's important to make your page stand out. That can be achieved with original, interesting text rather than flashing animation or annoying audio advertising "incredible money making system which will make you a millionaire in 7 days™".

I'm a member of a lot of traffic exchanges, even if I don't use them very often. If you'd like to join one, I recommend TrafficG. It has 30 second timers, great 1:1 surf ratio and a start page exchange. Set it as your homepage and your Agloco splash page will get a visitor every time you start your browser. You also can target visitors by their country or interests - a feature which puts TrafficG well above most other traffic exchanges.

Finally, here's a splash page that I use to promote Agloco. It's just an example to give you an idea of how such page might look. If you want to create a splash page, there are sites which will generate one and even host it (usually at the cost of showing their ads). Creating one by yourself isn't hard either, and you can host it on a fast server (like excellent and free AwardSpace).



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Leon said...

I don't use simple link exchanges in any of my blogs. Links should come from blogs I like (in my personal blog)or from blogs that fit my blog's mandate (BBD). The second point could be worded "blogs that benefit my blog". The second point works for you too. Not all Agloco blog links will benefit your blog and you'll have to choose the right ones.

Your blog is one of the featured feeds for the next few days at BBD.

Andrius said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm quite new to blogging so I have things to learn. I was accepting pretty much every link exchange I was offered at first.

I'm glad I joined BBD, I already got some visitors coming from there.

eugene said...

I added your website at with anchor text Agloco Andrew

Please add mine now, use anchor text Agloco Network or Agloco Canada

Reply ASAP!!

Please reply to

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