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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Marketing with forum signatures

By using online forums, you can get publicity for your site very fast. You can't, however, just post your link randomly. Some forums have "advertisement" sections, but most are very strict about posting affiliate links or even regular websites. In that case, you can add them to your signature. BBCode is usually used for signatures, like this:


Having a forum signature that links to your site can be useful in several ways. First, if you are an active forum member who posts often, you will be getting free targeted traffic. For instance, if you are participating in a forum about fishing, it's likely that the members of the forum will be interested in your site about fishing products. Of course, you can also advertise a website that is completely unrelated to the forum topic. It won't be as effective, but you might get visitors from a different audience.

Second, a forum signature that links to your site is useful from SEO perspective. Active forums are visited by Google and other search engine spiders frequently, so it's likely your website will get a higher ranking or get indexed faster. It's so effective that some people even resort to using spamming bots to post thousands of links on the forums (which get deleted later anyway, so you are better off using your signature).

If you want to use forum signatures to get more Agloco signups, you should link to your site, blog, or at least a small splash page, which would explain a bit more about how Agloco works. You don't want to add your referral link, because it will take visitors straight to the registration form, and they will be less likely to signup. In addition, by linking to your site or blog, you get the SEO advantage that I mentioned before.

The forums where you use Agloco signature don't necessarily have to be related to making money online. Agloco offers a very simple and easy way to earn for anyone with an internet connection, so you might attract people who normally aren't interested in internet marketing and such. I am a member of several online forums, and I have put a link to this blog in my signature. I do get a click every now and then, although SEO advantage is more obvious. In some I registered specifically for advertising, but in most forums I participate because I like the discussions. The free advertising I get from my signature is like an additional bonus.


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