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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

SmileyTraffic exchange

I have written about several traffic exchanges before. Now it's time to introduce - and promote :) - SmileyTraffic. It offers many ways to advertise your site, such as manual and auto surfing, paid-to-click links, and text link or banner impressions. SmileyTraffic also has monthly contests with cash prizes and $0.02 bonus for each 100 pages surfed manually. It's a big traffic exchange with over 21.000 members. If there's one thing I miss, it's country targeting, but regrettably, their exchange script from doesn't have this feature.

Of all traffic exchanges I'm a member of, I have the largest downline in SmileyTraffic (which is over 400 members). I also have a big supply of "manual credits", so it's not surprising that I get good results from promoting my splash pages I wrote about earlier. Still, the most effective means of advertising that SmileyTraffic offers is text link and banner impressions. These are displayed on their front page (look for "Feature Link") as well as member area and surfbars. Since monthly cash contests are about getting most unique hits to your referral page (which is the same as front page, just with referral ID added), the text links and banners of SmileyTraffic members are shown all across the internet.

The visitors who click text links and banner ads come mostly from SmileyTraffic surfbars or member area, then from other traffic exchanges. Some come from paid-to-read sites, or even Google AdWords advertisements. You can see that if you setup an ad with a tracking link. Overall CTR isn't that great - I have many text links and banners in rotation and it varies from 0.09% to 0.3%. That's not unexpected, however, considering that a large number of impressions are shown on autosurf exchanges where no one actually looks at the ads. For example, one of my oldest Agloco promoting links with text "Agloco has launched! Join now!" has over 1.2 mil impressions and 1998 clicks, resulting in 0.16% CTR. The important thing here is that I got two thousand interested people click on my ad, for free. All you have to do is convert SmileyTraffic credits into impressions.

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RICHARD LUKENBACH where is the site i can't get in? where has it gone? how soon will it be up again? i just upgraded to partner 3 days ago or so. let me know soon thanks

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