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Friday, August 31, 2007

Monthly update on my Agloco stats

It has become my habit to log and post my Agloco network statistics at the end of each month. This time, however, I don't have a screenshot, because I didn't manage to make one before Agloco stats moved to the next month :-) I have calculated my earnings for the month, though - and they are lower than usual. Apparently, I only made 46 new referrals and earned 70 hours from my downline.

I see several reasons for this, most obvious one being that I was away for most of July and August, not marketing actively, and updating my sites only occasionally. (A slight offtopic here - it would have helped me a lot if it would be possible to schedule a future post here in Blogger, like Wordpress can do). This does not, however, explain declining hours. Other reasons might be August being a 'slow' month, or some members getting discouraged with Agloco since it's not clear when it will make payouts. Or maybe it's none of these, and happening only to my network?

I'm not worried by this, however. I am worried a bit about Agloco being slow to update and improve, but I knew it would be a long-term project when I joined it. (Speaking of updates, don't forget to add your adress in your Agloco profile to get your check, whenever they mail it). During September, I will get back to my usual posting routine, and continue my work with Agloco. I also want to catch up on all link exchange requests. Don't worry, I didn't miss any - but the sidebar of this blog is getting cluttered, and I'm thinking of starting a "mini-review" exchange instead (like the one done by John Chow, and copied by many others). Stay tuned, for I will offer you a good deal in my next post.

Monday, August 13, 2007

TrafficPods exchange

TrafficPods is another manual traffic exchange that I've been planning to review. It's a bit unusual and different from other surf exchanges, because it has a ladder system. The more you surf, the more 'pod points' you earn per each click, which later can be converted into credits - if you own a 'traffic pod'. Otherwise your pod point balance is locked. To obtain a traffic pod, you have either to upgrade to premium membership ($20/mo) or participate in surfing competition as a free member. You will need to surf about 1500 sites in one week to win the pod, and 1000 sites each following week to keep it.

As you can see, this system rewards 'heavy surfers' most, and you won't earn much traffic if you only surf occasionally. I do not recommend using this traffic exchange if you don't plan to upgrade or surf often, but if you do, it can be quite rewarding.