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Monday, August 13, 2007

TrafficPods exchange

TrafficPods is another manual traffic exchange that I've been planning to review. It's a bit unusual and different from other surf exchanges, because it has a ladder system. The more you surf, the more 'pod points' you earn per each click, which later can be converted into credits - if you own a 'traffic pod'. Otherwise your pod point balance is locked. To obtain a traffic pod, you have either to upgrade to premium membership ($20/mo) or participate in surfing competition as a free member. You will need to surf about 1500 sites in one week to win the pod, and 1000 sites each following week to keep it.

As you can see, this system rewards 'heavy surfers' most, and you won't earn much traffic if you only surf occasionally. I do not recommend using this traffic exchange if you don't plan to upgrade or surf often, but if you do, it can be quite rewarding.


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Traffic Exchange Exposed said...

You nailed it right on the head...

Pods is for those that have a ton of time to spend on one resource for traffic generation. For me, I'd rather spend less time in one place and spread my time around more...


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Shanon Sandquist said...
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