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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Member distributions

The "important update" came, even if a bit late. I'm going to post a summary from Agloco's official blog post:

1. Agloco will do Monthly Residual Payments - quoting the blog post, these are small monthly payments which will be made for hours earned each month and paid monthly for 10 years. This is much like my guess in Hours and shares post earlier.

2. The following hourly rates have been set by Agloco (as you can see, monthly payments add up to the total hour value):

• June $0.48 per hour - ($0.0040 per month for 120 months)
• July $0.42 per hour - ($0.0035 per month for 120 months)
• August $0.54 per hour - ($0.0045 per month for 120 months)

3. Agloco lost slightly more than $100.000 during the last 3 months. Considering their slow start and mostly untargeted Viewbar ads (probably due to the lack of advertisers), this is not surprising. Agloco is still expecting losses in September ($10.000 to $15.000).

4. Payments might or might not be made on October, depending on Agloco's revenue and success of their partnership with A minimum payment amount will be set, and there will be other payment options avalaible besides check (like PayPal).

5. Agloco is planning a way to make selling of hours between members possible. That means, if you don't want to wait for 10 years to get the full value of your hours, you can sell them to another member. The price will largely depend on Agloco's performance. If Agloco does well and makes payments on time, I think some people won't mind "investing" a sum equal to 10 month worth of residual payments for each hour, or even more.

I would also like to note that the whole "Monthly Residual Payments" system hasn't been planned from the beginning of Agloco. Just take a look at the official post:

Since AGLOCO started its Viewbar in June, we have been working to deliver an early money distribution plan that will be work for both Members and AGLOCO at this time. It was decided to start with the <...>

Apparently, this is only an "early" distribution plan, which is likely to be changed later - perhaps to hours, which could be withdrawn each month, and "shares", which would give us monthly residual payments, much like current hours. I'm merely guessing here, and also I'm a bit worried that after making some payments, changing the distribution system later on will be very difficult.

I might be able to withdraw some money, if payments will be made on October. I should get 4 x $0.0040 for each June hour, 3 x $0.0035 for each July hour, and so on. That only adds up to a few bucks, but it's still good, considering that payments will be growing each month (excluding the first month of payments, since we'll be withdrawing a lot of accumulated hours at once).

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Important update coming soon

If you have been following Agloco's official blog, you probably know that they were supposed to make an official post regarding payments. Apparently, that post might take a little longer (anyone surprised)? However, after this announcement, I'm prepared to wait as long as needed:

Quick note – we will be doing the distribution post very soon. I had hoped to have it done by the 25th, but in order to give exact distribution amounts for June, July and August hours we needed a couple more days to analyze the hourly data. Hopefully, exact distribution amounts will be worth waiting a couple of extra days for.

The Agloco team is going to tell us exactly how much will they pay for hours we earned! That amount probably is going to be low (considering how they still don't have many revenue partners, or even geotargeting yet). But if what I posted just two weeks ago is true, we will keep getting paid for hours as long as we don't sell them, so I don't see much of a problem with first payment rate being low.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TrafficG exchange

TrafficG is next in my series of traffic exchange reviews. I had mentioned it in my post about splash pages, and now a full review is due.

TrafficG is a manual traffic exchange with 30 second timer and 1:1 surf ratio. It actually gets as high as 1.1:1 if you complete all skill cards (anti-cheat tests) correctly. This click exchange runs on a unique script and has some really useful features. It will deliver 24 hour unique traffic, without you having to adjust anything. That means you will reach a wider audience, because almost all visitors will be seeing your site for the first time that day. In addition, you can target visitors by country or interest. Only a few traffic exchanges can do this, and TrafficG is probably the best of those. Want to get visitors from US, and interested in art, only? No problem. The only downside is that TrafficG does not allow sites in other languages than English. Just think how effectively you could advertise to people in their native language!

Surfing aside, there are other ways to get your site seen on TrafficG. The easiest one is "SuperStart" service, a start page exchange that awards you with 0.5 credits each time you open your browser. You won't earn much this way, but at least you won't have to click tediously.

Every site you add is also automatically included in their directory, but don't expect to get much visitors (if at all) just from that. It might help with your SEO efforts, then again, you will probably be using a splash page or an affiliate link in traffic exchanges, not your "real" site.

Finally, my personal favorite is their banner exchange. The advantage of using it is obvious - you will only get real, interested visitors from clicks on your banners. And, you can be sure that anyone who uses a traffic exchange and follows your ad, is interested in making money online. I get 0.05% to 0.38% CTR on various ads, including SmileyTraffic, Agloco and Text-Link-Ads. Funnily, the ad with highest click-through rate is the banner I made (#1), and not the more professional looking one from AglocoBanners dot com. As for earning banner impressions, you can convert credits into banner shows, but it's easier to add the banner exchange code to your site and watch the visitors roll in.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hours and shares

While reading comments on Agloco's official blog, I came across an interesting piece of information regarding hours and payment.

Alfred writes:

BRYAN WARD - agloco does not have to go public for early members to be winners - when agloco starts paying monthly payments for the hours already booked then those hours will have quantifiable value. Brian has said that one thing agloco will do when it starts making payments is pay hours every month. Meaning the hours I owned in June will get paid every month after payments start.

Even if the monthly payment is 1/2 cent a month (something even the skeptics may think is possible) then My Hours from June will have significant value. If an hour will earn me 1/2 cent a month that is 6 cents a year - how much is that worth if I sell the Hour - probably more than 50 cents (even more if the 1/2cent monthly payment looks like it will rise over time.)


AGLOCO Official replied to this:

Alfred – you are very close with your comment

This is by no means accurate or official, but if I understood it correctly, Agloco will not "buy" hours from the members. They will pay smaller payments each month for them, much like dividends from shares. Supposedly, you will keep your hours and make money from them forever (unless you decide to sell them - but this is, again, speculation).

This way of payment is different than what I expected (withdrawing hours each month for cash). Moreover, if hours become like shares, what about real ones? It was mentioned specifically that you can earn both "cash" and "shares" for surfing. I'm not saying it's a bad idea though - it would reward members who joined early (like me!) since they would have collected more hours from the beginning.

Since I started writing about shares, I might as well voice my other concerns. I don't know much about stock market, but the idea they write in Agloco FAQ seems a bit far-fetched to me:

We are currently in the process of listing the company on the London Stock Exchange (AIM). As with any public company, the market will decide what is the fair value of the share.

There hasn't been anything said about Agloco shares on their blog for a long time. Besides, even if they do distribute company shares to members just for surfing, I'm afraid that will only happen in the bigger countries with large Agloco membership. Even the official site says so:

Some countries may be too small or legal requirements too complicated, for shares to be issued to Members in that country.

Anyone want to bet Lithuania with it's 3.4 million population falls into "too small" category?

But I'm probably getting ahead of myself. There should be an official update soon, and then in two weeks (according to this comment), another one - about member payments. Hopefully, it will shed some light on this matter.