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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Member distributions

The "important update" came, even if a bit late. I'm going to post a summary from Agloco's official blog post:

1. Agloco will do Monthly Residual Payments - quoting the blog post, these are small monthly payments which will be made for hours earned each month and paid monthly for 10 years. This is much like my guess in Hours and shares post earlier.

2. The following hourly rates have been set by Agloco (as you can see, monthly payments add up to the total hour value):

• June $0.48 per hour - ($0.0040 per month for 120 months)
• July $0.42 per hour - ($0.0035 per month for 120 months)
• August $0.54 per hour - ($0.0045 per month for 120 months)

3. Agloco lost slightly more than $100.000 during the last 3 months. Considering their slow start and mostly untargeted Viewbar ads (probably due to the lack of advertisers), this is not surprising. Agloco is still expecting losses in September ($10.000 to $15.000).

4. Payments might or might not be made on October, depending on Agloco's revenue and success of their partnership with A minimum payment amount will be set, and there will be other payment options avalaible besides check (like PayPal).

5. Agloco is planning a way to make selling of hours between members possible. That means, if you don't want to wait for 10 years to get the full value of your hours, you can sell them to another member. The price will largely depend on Agloco's performance. If Agloco does well and makes payments on time, I think some people won't mind "investing" a sum equal to 10 month worth of residual payments for each hour, or even more.

I would also like to note that the whole "Monthly Residual Payments" system hasn't been planned from the beginning of Agloco. Just take a look at the official post:

Since AGLOCO started its Viewbar in June, we have been working to deliver an early money distribution plan that will be work for both Members and AGLOCO at this time. It was decided to start with the <...>

Apparently, this is only an "early" distribution plan, which is likely to be changed later - perhaps to hours, which could be withdrawn each month, and "shares", which would give us monthly residual payments, much like current hours. I'm merely guessing here, and also I'm a bit worried that after making some payments, changing the distribution system later on will be very difficult.

I might be able to withdraw some money, if payments will be made on October. I should get 4 x $0.0040 for each June hour, 3 x $0.0035 for each July hour, and so on. That only adds up to a few bucks, but it's still good, considering that payments will be growing each month (excluding the first month of payments, since we'll be withdrawing a lot of accumulated hours at once).

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