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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TrafficG exchange

TrafficG is next in my series of traffic exchange reviews. I had mentioned it in my post about splash pages, and now a full review is due.

TrafficG is a manual traffic exchange with 30 second timer and 1:1 surf ratio. It actually gets as high as 1.1:1 if you complete all skill cards (anti-cheat tests) correctly. This click exchange runs on a unique script and has some really useful features. It will deliver 24 hour unique traffic, without you having to adjust anything. That means you will reach a wider audience, because almost all visitors will be seeing your site for the first time that day. In addition, you can target visitors by country or interest. Only a few traffic exchanges can do this, and TrafficG is probably the best of those. Want to get visitors from US, and interested in art, only? No problem. The only downside is that TrafficG does not allow sites in other languages than English. Just think how effectively you could advertise to people in their native language!

Surfing aside, there are other ways to get your site seen on TrafficG. The easiest one is "SuperStart" service, a start page exchange that awards you with 0.5 credits each time you open your browser. You won't earn much this way, but at least you won't have to click tediously.

Every site you add is also automatically included in their directory, but don't expect to get much visitors (if at all) just from that. It might help with your SEO efforts, then again, you will probably be using a splash page or an affiliate link in traffic exchanges, not your "real" site.

Finally, my personal favorite is their banner exchange. The advantage of using it is obvious - you will only get real, interested visitors from clicks on your banners. And, you can be sure that anyone who uses a traffic exchange and follows your ad, is interested in making money online. I get 0.05% to 0.38% CTR on various ads, including SmileyTraffic, Agloco and Text-Link-Ads. Funnily, the ad with highest click-through rate is the banner I made (#1), and not the more professional looking one from AglocoBanners dot com. As for earning banner impressions, you can convert credits into banner shows, but it's easier to add the banner exchange code to your site and watch the visitors roll in.

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Traffic Exchange Exposed said...

Yep, Traffic G (Or for us old schoolers, Traffic Generation Network) hass been a favorite of mine for a long time...

I hope you get as much out of it as I have and will be doing long into the future.

Take Care,

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