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Monday, October 29, 2007

Google PageRank update

Google PageRank has finally been updated, and I'd like to congratulate myself for getting a PR4 on Andrew Owns Agloco. I'd also like to thank all my link partners who helped me achieve this.

There are a few changes regarding link exchange. First of all: regrettably I had to cancel my mini review program due to lack of participation. Second, I'm still open for sidebar link exchange deals with Agloco related blogs only. The requirement stays the same - your blog must have a page rank of at least 3. This shouldn't be a problem, considering that most active blogs should have got a page rank assigned in the recent update.

Naturally, this doesn't apply to already existing exchanges from older deals - your links will stay whatever your page rank or blog topic is.

Finally, a short note about Agloco. There haven't been any updates ever since the Oct 12th post on the official blog, but I expect a news soon that should tell us whether payouts will be made of October or not.


admin said...

congratulation for your PR! I was PR3 and i'm still PR3 hehehehe
hope with the next update it will be better
Good luck with Agloco
Agoco-Italia Blog!

Anonymous said...

interested in a link exchange?
I have a PR3 for my Agloco related blog.
I already add a link to your blog at my blogroll at

Andrew said...

Yes, for sure. Thanks for the offer - link added.

Good luck to you as well admin, I hope Agloco pays.

Jason - AGLOCOnnected said...

Gratz on PR4! Think about're one step away from John Chow now, hehe. I had the same issue on Reviews. Only got two requests. Keep up the good work on your Agloco blog. If Agloco takes off, so will all of our sites. It's really a great niche to be in, that has a lot of potential and hasn't been fully penetrated yet.

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