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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yuwie social network

I mentioned Yuwie in passing when I was talking about Agloco's payment system in my last post. I think it deserves a little more attention than that, so here's a short review.

Yuwie is a social networking site, like MySpace or Facebook. What makes it unlike others is that Yuwie pays it's members for using the site. To tell you the truth, I've never been a member of a social network before, and I probably wouldn't be, if money wasn't involved. I signed up for Yuwie since it looks like what Agloco could have become (a social network that shares it's profits) and I'm quite impressed with them.

Yuwie pays you for page views you or your referrals (down 10 levels) generate. The payment rate, or RSR, is different each month and dependent on Yuwie's income. For example, this month's estimated RSR is around $0.18 CPM ($0.18 per thousand page views). Other people viewing your blog, pictures, or profile, and even you browsing around your control panel all count as page views.

Since I'm not a member of any other similar sites, I can't say for sure, but I believe all features Yuwie has (profile, blogs, picture albums, clubs and schools) are common for a social networking site. So, you problably won't find anything unique here if you're are an experienced MySpace user or such. Still, everything that is there works quite well, and I'm not sure I'd ask for more features even if I could.

If my review has sounded very positive up till now, that's because I am impressed with Yuwie. However, I have two problems with it as well.

First of all, too many people there are just to make money. I probably shouldn't complain about that, since I joined just because of "money making" part as well. However, I try to be ethical about it - that includes not spamming notice boards, messages, and blogs or begging to look at your new post. Like I mentioned, I'm a newbie when it comes to social networks, so I was surprised when people just started adding me as their friend and then posting picture comments to my profile after I did. I have a suspicion that's one of these "friend bots" I heard about, or perhaps a really persistent person, but it's clear that they are doing this just to make as many friends as possible, to generate more page views or get more audience with their notice posting. That's usually not a good thing, since it leads to spamming and abusing in order to make more money.

My second problem, and probably bigger of the two, is the referral system of Yuwie. It's a MLM program with 10 levels - what's more, your own "level" is only 10%, that is, you only earn 1/10 from your own page views. Second and third levels are 10%, then they get smaller, and bigger again, with 10th level being a staggering 30%. That means that you are earning 3 times more from some guy you don't know 10 levels away in your downline, than you are earning from your own personal page views. That's why aiming to generate more personal views (via blogs and such) is futile. You should be aiming to build your downline instead, and it's very important to recruit someone who can recruit other people himself. Personally, I hate this system, and I think something like 100% for your own page views, 10% for direct and 5% for indirect (second level) referrals would be more fair.

My advice? Join Yuwie, but don't expect to earn much, unless you're a MLM professional. You will probably be making more money for someone else than for yourself. However, since Yuwie just passed 100k members, there's still a huge room for growth, so you will have time to build your own downline as well.


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