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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

rssHugger - free advertising for your blog

I read an interesting post at download-agloco dot com the other day. It was about a nice, web 2.0 style website called rssHugger, which gives free advertising for your blog.

rssHugger is a lot like Technorati in a way. They take the RSS feed of your blog and publish it on their home page and top100 list. Of course, since rssHugger is rather new, they don't have many members yet. I believe that is going to change soon, though. They are using an interesting marketing tactic: apparently, at first the cost of adding your blog to rssHugger was $10, and now it's free. I think that's even more effective than offering a free service from the start. Plus, you need to review their site in order to add your blog (that's what I'm doing right now), and that generates some nice free advertising for them. Even big blogs like JohnChow dot com have joined rssHugger.

So, head to rssHugger, write a short review, and enjoy the free traffic.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hit2Hit review

It was a while since I reviewed my last traffic exchange. I've stopped using them for promoting this blog, but I still use splash pages in traffic exchanges to promote various money making opportunities like TE Profits. I'm reviewing Hit2Hit manual traffic exchange this time.

Hit2Hit is a big traffic exchange with over 40k members. They have 6 second timer and a pretty standard 2:1 surfing ratio for free members. Hit2Hit emphasizes upgrading, which I don't like much. Overall, it seems like it's one of those traffic exchanges which are designed to get people to buy upgrades, and it's not very good for free members. I have to admit, however, that Hit2Hit's upgrades are more valuable than those in some other exchanges, although they don't even come close to the upgrades that SmileyTraffic has.

One of the good points of Hit2Hit, in my opinion, is their strict policy towards sites in rotation. They don't allow PTP (paid-to-promote) pages, so surfing is smooth and without interruptions. I'm promoting my SmileyTraffic referral link and my other splash pages there.

Join Hit2Hit if you don't mind a lower surfing ratio and don't want to see or promote any PTP pages; or, if you plan to upgrade. Otherwise, don't bother.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My first Text-Link-Ads affiliate comissions

I wrote about TLA a long time ago. They had "accepted" my site back then, but I wasn't able to actually participate in their Publisher program because my PageRank was too low. Since this blog now has PR4, I hope eventually they might review it and allow me to sell links here. I suppose the news of Google manually reducing PageRank of sites selling links (and that effects both buyers and sellers) will be bad for TLA's business, but I don't think Google will pay any attention to a small blog like mine.

Now for the real news - I logged in to my Text-Link-Ads affiliate account and saw that I earned some comissions a while ago (the referral name is blurred to protect their privacy):

I have only been promoting TLA in SmileyTraffic exchange, so it took me quite a while to earn my first comissions. Their rules don't help either - first, you need a PR4+ site, which not everyone has, second, the publisher has to install the code for 7 days in order for the referrer to get comissions. As for comissions themselves, it's one-time $25 payment for each referral which satisfies the 7 day requirement, and the same amount for any new advertiser, regardless of how much money they spend.

So, if you have a website with a Google PageRank of 4 or higher, you might want to join Text-Link-Ads publisher program and make money selling links; or, if you don't have a fitting website, you can just use the affiliate program like I do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Agloco is dead

Today a month has passed since the last official announcement on Agloco blog. With this, I might as well declare Agloco being dead. Of course, I'd like to believe that they are busy working on payout system, but that seems less likely with each passing day.

The biggest problem is the lack of communication between Agloco management and it's members. I just can't believe how bad it is. I wouldn't even think that Agloco was planning to make money off it's members and then disappear just because there is no communication. They would keep us happy by feeding us promises each day, so the members would use Viewbar more - which they don't. This month my hour earnings are beyond pathetic, and it's bad not only for me, but for Agloco also, since they make less and less money.

As for my course of action, I will still be updating my blog and using the Viewbar 5 hours a month, until this matter is resolved - one way or another.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Submit your articles automatically

One of the more important means that helped me achieve PageRank 4 on this blog was so called article marketing. I wrote several short articles on topics related to making money online, and put in the URL of this blog in my "resource" or "bio" box at the bottom. Once the articles were approved, this gave me a permanent, free backlink from the article directory site. What's more, bloggers are able to use content from article directories for free, as long as they include the resource box from the article author. I actually found one of my articles re-posted with a backlink on another blog which appeared on my visitor statistics.

Of course, there are hundreds of directories where you can submit your article, but doing it manually is a lot of work. That's where ArticleMarketer comes in. They will do all the hard work of submitting your article to many article directory sites, for free. There is an upgrade to your membership, which lets you view article distribution reports, and submits your articles to a much larger list of directories, but I only used free service so far. The upgrade costs $80 for 3 months, and I think that's pretty reasonable since you can submit unlimited articles unlike in other manual submission services which are one-time. However, I believe the paid option is only useful if you are doing a lot of article writing, not merely 1 article a month like myself. If you do upgrade, you might want to see their affiliate program which pays you to refer other paid members.

Since free submission in ArticleMarketer is rather limited, you might want to submit your article to most important article directories yourself. There's no need to overdo it, however. I usually submit my article to ezinearticles first (PR6 directory!) and use ArticleMarketer after that. Write about anything you like and see those backlinks coming in!