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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Agloco is dead

Today a month has passed since the last official announcement on Agloco blog. With this, I might as well declare Agloco being dead. Of course, I'd like to believe that they are busy working on payout system, but that seems less likely with each passing day.

The biggest problem is the lack of communication between Agloco management and it's members. I just can't believe how bad it is. I wouldn't even think that Agloco was planning to make money off it's members and then disappear just because there is no communication. They would keep us happy by feeding us promises each day, so the members would use Viewbar more - which they don't. This month my hour earnings are beyond pathetic, and it's bad not only for me, but for Agloco also, since they make less and less money.

As for my course of action, I will still be updating my blog and using the Viewbar 5 hours a month, until this matter is resolved - one way or another.


admin said...

agree with you. communication no existing with Agloco members. Very bad.
I used the same title "Agloco is dead" a few weeks ago at
Let's see if something will happen.

pencid said...

unfortunately i have to agree with you. one year of non sense has bruoght a great a idea to the death.

jpavacic said...

I have to agree. On Turkey Day, it appears this turkey has given up the ghost. My viewbar still shows half ads and still no comment from Management. It would be better if they just announced the funeral arrangements

Dragons Den Freak said...

Yep - Agloco is dead. Their security certificate is out of date now & 5 weeks since a update!? crazy. I really believed in Agloco but now feel let down by the poor mangement & comms between members. They seem to be making a name for themselves for creating poory researched schemes i.e: AllAdvantage. I guess they're on a hat-trick now to create one more scheme that never comes to fruition. Thanks for wasting hours of my time Agloco!

Andrew said...

Yes, like I posted on some other blog... I feel stupid for joining Agloco.

I'll try to be positive: I've learned a lot about marketing while building my Agloco downline. Too bad it was building Agloco and not some other, real program!

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