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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hit2Hit review

It was a while since I reviewed my last traffic exchange. I've stopped using them for promoting this blog, but I still use splash pages in traffic exchanges to promote various money making opportunities like TE Profits. I'm reviewing Hit2Hit manual traffic exchange this time.

Hit2Hit is a big traffic exchange with over 40k members. They have 6 second timer and a pretty standard 2:1 surfing ratio for free members. Hit2Hit emphasizes upgrading, which I don't like much. Overall, it seems like it's one of those traffic exchanges which are designed to get people to buy upgrades, and it's not very good for free members. I have to admit, however, that Hit2Hit's upgrades are more valuable than those in some other exchanges, although they don't even come close to the upgrades that SmileyTraffic has.

One of the good points of Hit2Hit, in my opinion, is their strict policy towards sites in rotation. They don't allow PTP (paid-to-promote) pages, so surfing is smooth and without interruptions. I'm promoting my SmileyTraffic referral link and my other splash pages there.

Join Hit2Hit if you don't mind a lower surfing ratio and don't want to see or promote any PTP pages; or, if you plan to upgrade. Otherwise, don't bother.

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Sap said...

Thank you for your review. I wasn't sure about Hit2Hit and your review made it easier to mae a decision. Have you ever heard of by the way?

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