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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

rssHugger - free advertising for your blog

I read an interesting post at download-agloco dot com the other day. It was about a nice, web 2.0 style website called rssHugger, which gives free advertising for your blog.

rssHugger is a lot like Technorati in a way. They take the RSS feed of your blog and publish it on their home page and top100 list. Of course, since rssHugger is rather new, they don't have many members yet. I believe that is going to change soon, though. They are using an interesting marketing tactic: apparently, at first the cost of adding your blog to rssHugger was $10, and now it's free. I think that's even more effective than offering a free service from the start. Plus, you need to review their site in order to add your blog (that's what I'm doing right now), and that generates some nice free advertising for them. Even big blogs like JohnChow dot com have joined rssHugger.

So, head to rssHugger, write a short review, and enjoy the free traffic.

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