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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Is Agloco a scam?

After another week, it is going to be 2 month without a word from Agloco. Their blog is dead, no one uses the Viewbar anymore, and even the security certificate for has expired. Many people would call Agloco a scam. Many would probably say "told you so". I'm not so sure about that myself. I think there are two possible versions:

1. Agloco was planned as a scam from the beginning. Their goal all this time was to collect private information from the members to sell it later, as well as make as much money as possible from the Viewbar and advertisements.

I don't find this very likely, because if they were planning to scam people from the beginning, they could have done a better job of it. Scammers should give the members daily updates, nice promises, answer each and every question, and make sure everyone is using the Viewbar so they can maximize their revenue. I'm saying they did a bad job if it was a scam, since they didn't realize any of potential revenue from the site or blog, and didn't even encourage the members to use the Viewbar enough. I've been scammed enough times to know how it works :-)

The only way this could work is if their plan was to sell the details of the members to someone, and they didn't want to bother with any other sources of revenue; everything was just a cover-up. Again, I don't think it's very likely, but it's a possibility.

2. Agloco was planned as a real project, but failed due to incompetence of their team and other reasons. If I had to bet, I'd bet on this one. From the start of the program, they showed their inability to keep their own deadlines, the lack of communication between the members, and so on. The so-called "economic network" turned out to be nothing more than a pitiful reincarnation of AllAdvantage. Seriously, if you are going to create a social network that shares it's profits, create something like Yuwie.

So, what happens now? Will Agloco just disappear quietly one day, or will they post a tear-wrenching update about how they did their best, but the program failed due to [insert some lame excuse here]? I don't really have any more illusions about it.


Todd said...

I think we can now pretty much say AGLOCO is a scam. No updates? Licence out of date? All seems to much.

But, after seeing all this happening someone has decided to impress the internet and start a new website called ShareIncentives which is pretty much exactly the same, download a viewbar get points, etc. The points can then be traded or used for other things.

Although some of the website is still in development I think everyone just sign up (just go to and start refering because like what happened with AGLOCO. What do we have to lose?

JABacchetta said...

Andrew, I just found out about a new affiliate program being ran by one of the top 5 search engines. Similar to adwords except they pay website owners to place 5 second audio clips on their website. Only one clip will play per visitor. No clicks necessary! The affiliate program is 3 levels deep and pays 5% per referral. Just started this week, seriously join now. If I see on my stats page that you joined under me, I'll come back and grab your email so that I can send you info on how I refer people (no cost, 2 minutes a day, over 100 referrals a month).

Andrew said...

I'm so not going to click your referral links :-)

Anonymous said...

Andrew - you called it mate...predicted the demise of this ridiculous concept a few days before it cratered. I do not think it was a scam. The people involved have reputations to protect. It was a bad idea poorly executed. From what I read, the team did not even have an organizational structure. The company was managed more or less as a committee, which means accountability is extremely diffuse - this is a recipe for disaster.

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