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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Death of Agloco

It seems Agloco has finally died off completely, because now even their site isn't loading. About time, too!

As for me, I'm making some cash with Squidoo and Yuwie, but not too much. I'm still earning more doing occasional jobs for people that involve writing and translating. Hopefully, my income from affiliate marketing will be my #1 earner one day.

My money maker blog is still in the planning stage because I'm playing around with some other ideas first.


ismabera said...


What about "Agloco 2" . Check my blog

Anonymous said...


I used to be a Agloco member and I believed they had a great concept, but it seems that through a lack of skill all went down the drain!

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Unlike Agloco this company is already up and running, joined with Yahoo! and paying their members. And it is completely F*ree* to join.

I've tested it and found I earned in one week £2.25. (And that’s only me with just a few searches per day - with a downline this will surely grow!)

Won't you please give it a go - you have nothing to lose as I'm sure you still have contacts and resources in place.

Thanks for reading my email.

Kind regards
Karen du Plessis

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