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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another new blog

Ah, it seems I'm starting new blogs pretty often nowadays (even though it's only my second one). This time it's closer to the topic of Andrew Owns Agloco (making money online), but much more specific. Squidoography is my new blog dedicated to Squidoo social network that lets you build small, simple web pages on a specific topic, and make money from them. The idea is great: just write about anything you like (everyone's an expert on something, right?) and get paid for the visitors you get and the sales that your lens (that's what they call the pages on Squidoo) generates.

With Squidoography, I will be tracking my progress by posting my monthly payouts, as well as sharing interesting ideas and reviewing my own and other interesting lenses. If you are interested in making money by writing about topics you like, or getting more visitors for your own blog or website, consider joining Squidoo. I believe I already had mentioned this project a number of times on AoA, which just proves how much I like it :-)

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