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Friday, April 18, 2008

Feedburner Sucks

Seems like a great tool to track your subscribers, as well as add other cool things to your blog, right? Wrong! FeedBurner has been down lately way to often, and if you have their FeedFlare added to your blog (a little neat script that adds automatic social bookmars to the footer of every post), it makes your blog load extremely slowly. It takes a few minutes for most browsers to 'realize' that the FeedFlare isn't loading and to stop attempting it. The end result is you loosing your visitors.

Screw FeedBurner. In the butt.

Edit (April 22nd): It hasn't been down since (or I didn't notice it). And apparently this problem might only be limited to specific geographical locations. I wouldn't want to badmouth something which otherwise is a great service - but I still think making my blog unloadable is the worst thing such service could do!

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