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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Qassia - backlink building and ad revenue sharing

I have read about this new site on a Squidoo lens and decided to signup. Qassia proudly names itself an 'Intelligence Engine'; it's basically a collection of random pieces of information (they call them 'intel') about anything and everything - be it articles, guides, a few lines about your favorite pet, or even poetry. After you submit your 'intel', it will be screened and rated by other members, and then linked from your profile page. It will also be added to Qassia's directory, where people can find it when browsing the topics.

Qassia offers two things to it's members: free backlinks, and ad revenue sharing. First of all, you can place a link to your sites next to each of your 'intel' pieces. It's a good idea to write an article and link it to your website which speaks about the same topic. The backlinks aren't worth much right now, but when Qassia becomes more popular (it's still in closed beta right now) they might become quite beneficial from SEO point of view.

Ad revenue sharing is the second reason to join Qassia. If you enter your Google AdSense publisher ID, all ad revenue from clicks on AdSense shown in your pages (intel and profile) will go straight to you. However, I am still a bit cautious about Qassia, and I'm not sure if I'd feel too comfortable entering my AdSense ID with them. Perhaps it's wiser to wait till they quit beta at least.

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