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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Free URL rotator with no ads

If you are looking for a free URL rotator that can be used in traffic exchanges, shows no ads whatsoever, redirects directly to the site instead of showing it in a frame, and also tracks statistics, look no further than TEToolBox. I've been using it for a while and I must say it's one of the best URL rotators I've ever seen. You can also create subrotators (basically, more rotators if you need them), make splash pages and even filter domains.

Yes, domain filtering... That has to be one of the best features ever! If you are promoting your TEToolBox rotator on StartXChange, for example, then if there's a StartXChange referral URL entered in the rotation, it will not be shown, in order not to waste your credits! StartXChange users won't see StartXChange referral URLs, and so on. Pretty smart, huh?

Now, I'm an upgraded member there, but upgrading isn't really needed. Even the free option of the rotator can be used without any ads! The only perk is up to 200 URLs instead of 5. The price is $10/mo which I think is a bit too high. That's why I upgraded at StartXChange traffic exchange instead for a mere $6/mo, got all the benefits of the upgrade there, PLUS a free upgrade at TEToolBox... $4/mo saved, plus, I get upgraded features both at StartXChange AND TEToolBox! Remember, you saw this tip here first ;)

Edit: it so happens that I've created a Squidoo lens on this topic. So if you're looking for more info about free rotators, feel free to visit. Yes, rotators in plural, since I've listed an online URL rotator service (TeToolBox) and a free rotator script (one from LJScripts) there, as well as some explanations about what are rotators used for.


Manoj Kumar said...

Thanks for sharing this info, I am using it now?

Kirk Maragh said...

its not free!!!!!!!!!

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