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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

6dgr social network

It seems the list of paying social networks just keeps increasing. I just found this new site called 6dgr which is a social network that too pays you cash for using it. It's a little bit different than, say Yuwie or Zenzuu however. 6dgr does not pay you for page views, it pays you for referring people and using their financial "products". Don't worry - everything's 100% free, it just merely means that 6dgr will only pay to their own debit card; you get paid for each referral that signs up for this (free!) card, and you also get a few cents each time he or she uses it. It all adds up pretty quickly!

What a huge ad ^^ Anyway, here's the basic info of what 6dgr pay you for:

$4 for your 1st level referrals
$3 for your 2nd level referrals
$2 for your 2nd level referrals
And, your monthly residual income (whenever someone uses a 6dgr MasterCard to pay for something).

Remember, you only get credit for referrals who have activated their WaMu (Washington Mutual) payment accounts, since that's the payment processor that 6dgr uses - but, as I said before, it's free.

Note however that at the moment only US members will be able to get paid at 6dgr, since WaMu is US-based payment system only. However, international members can still join, recruit, and earn money once an international payment processor is added (should be in a few months, according to the site admin, so you'll have plenty of time to build those downlines).

The site doesn't seem very finished yet, but look at this as your chance to 'get in early', so to speak!

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