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Friday, September 19, 2008

Personal Tax ID Number required by e-gold

It is pretty interesting that e-gold, as a part of their recent "transformation" to conform to US laws better, has started requiring a "Personal Tax ID Number" from all members:
For US persons, this must be your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Non-US persons enter your national tax ID number. This number cannot be changed so be sure to enter it correctly.

This kind of sucks for me and for some other international members, since my country doesn't use a tax ID number system like US does. Furthermore, I won't ever be able to change it... Talk about stupid.

Anyway, I'm thinking of just entering my full name or something along those lines. Supposedly, I could just enter my social insurance number, but I'm not sure that's what e-gold wants from me.


Nick B said...

Hi Andrew

Did you ever sort this out?

Andrew said...

Hi Nick,
Regretfully, no. I entered my 'social insurance number' but it turns out they wanted my 'personal code' (it's used here in Lithuania). Then they blocked my account and asked to send it various notarized papers.

As I had about $20 in my E-gold at that time, and getting a lawyer to sign many different papers and mailing them to US by snail mail would cost considerably more, I decided to just leave it.

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