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Saturday, January 31, 2009

This site may harm your computer - Google error!

If you used Google search during the last few hours, you might have noticed that all websites have a "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!" message. It seems to have been sorted now. It's not that big of a problem at all, but it draws attention to the fact of how much internet users rely on Google. I have already seen messages related to this on several online forums that I visit, and more is sure to follow, including people worrying about lower amounts of traffic and sales today. Google is, undoubtedly, the leader among search engines, and a lot of people can't imagine browsing the net without it. I myself do tens of searches a day, if not more. I like Google myself, but then again, monopoly is never a good thing.

(Edited) and here's an official explanation from the Google Blog:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

GetTheBar: the new Agloco?

I've recently learned about a new program that pays people for surfing, clicking, searching, referring, and using e-mail through their special toolbar. It's called GetTheBar, and it's looking quite good, especially considering they are still in pre-launch.

After downloading and installing The Bar, you can make money very easily just by using the various functions it offers. If you do a Google, Yahoo, MSN or Ask search, for example, you make a little bit of money. If you view and click the classified ads, you make money. If you use their e-mail called Bmail, you can also make money from the ads that are shown alognside the e-mail messages. You can also earn from your downline, 7 levels deep. They even offer you a way to earn by receiving commercial text messages to your mobile, but I'm not sure if that works yet.

The best part of GetTheBar is that it pays to PayPal after you reach $10 in your account. Easy, fast, and simple!

As for the problems, there are a few. First of all, the website isn't very easy to use (but hopefully that will be solved when it gets out of prelaunch). Second, only members from US can make money with The Bar now, because they do not serve international ads yet. However, members from all around the world are free to signup and start building their downlines. They expect to offer money making options to international members this quarter.

So, I'm signing up and checking it out. Hopefully it won't follow the path of Agloco.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

FeedBurner moving accounts to Google

FeedBurner is moving all their member accounts to Google. All accounts are to be moved by February 28, 2009 (you can also do so manually, by logging in and moving your account yourself). You have to be logged in to a Google account for the move to work.

The somewhat annoying part is that if you use the MyBrand service, you will have to change the CNAME records for your feeds to work. I'm still getting 404 errors for some of my feeds which use MyBrand, or they're showing domain instead of the branded one. Hopefully this will fix itself in some time.