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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ClickBank HopAds

On 16th February, Clickbank has introduced HopAds: a text ad system serving ads for various products from CB's marketplace. It is not in fact a contextual advertising system, for the script doesn't read your site's content; it picks the ads depending on what keywords you enter.

You can see the ads in action to the sidebar on the right. HopAds are served from the new domain, so that's what you want to block with NoScript if you do not wish to see them.

I have no idea what their EPM and other stats are compared to, say, AdBrite or AdSense. However, it has some advantages such as no special requirements for the website HopAds are shown on. It is also not against terms to show them on traffic exchanges.


Stephan Miller said...

I just created a free Wordpress plugin that does make Hopads semi-contextual by using the first tag from the post the ad is on. For example, for this post, the keyword would be "advertising".

Andrew said...


Anonymous said...

Good blog post! Keep it up!

Tai Zejan

Anonymous said...

There is a script called hop-o-matic that can dynamically redirect or hide hop ad links.

There is a demo with dynamic keywords also.

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