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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Connect failed: Too many connections - NameCheap

NameCheap fails once again! Right now I'm getting a "Connect failed: Too many connections" message on ALL of my domains which use NameCheap nameservers. That includes pretty much all domains I use for affiliate link redirection. Thank you for wasting my affiliate clicks, NC.

Since this is not the first time I'm having problems with them, I'm strongly considering moving all of my domains to another registrar. You know, one that isn't so cheap.


Andrew said...

...And now they aren't loading at all. "Network Timeout". Oh, goodie.

Freaking NameCheap!!

Anonymous said...

I'm also getting the same "connect failed: too many connections" error. WTF?

I switched from to NameCheap because of their prices, but I never had a problem like this with gandi!

Florentina said...

WTF! They should email you when the domains are down cuz you can have a PPC campaign running and wasting your money! They seem to have all sorts of problems lately.

Anonymous said...

Gah! Me too! I have several domains with Namecheap and they're all F-ed right now. So this has happened before?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how this all works, but I assumed all Namecheap does is send out your info to all the DNS servers out on the internet so they point your custom domain in the right direction. Am I wrong about that.

Andrew said...

The problem is with NameCheap's servers. A lot of my domains there aren't parked with any hosting, they're using NC's default nameservers and simple URL redirection. Also some use CNAME redirection for blogs. The redirection is not working, is timing out, or works very slowly whole day now.

Yes this has happened before, last time it took them a few days to fix it; I hope this time it won't be so long.

I have had problems with hosting, but I never heard of DOMAINS not working properly before I joined NameCheap! They however managed to do even that.

What's more, my topic was deleted from their forum and they claim that "redirection works fine on our side"... LOL.

Can anyone offer a good alternative with free or cheap whois protection?

Anonymous said...

I just got off with support for 3rd time - they say they are having a "DDOS attack" or something.

Frankly, of all the reviews I've read, I don't know who else can guarantee there won't be a problem like this!

Sean G.

Bryan - said...

Ouch!! This will get a lot of people mad.

A client of mine told me about this yesterday, but I didn't understand what he meant at first.

Jesse B said...

I'm getting a "connect failed: too many connections" also. My domain is forwarded to a Geocities account and if I go there directly it works.

Unhappy said...

I web-monkeyed NameCheap and Blogger in search of support tips. I just purchased a custom domain for my Blogger page. IT DOESN'T WORK! It routed me to some other website. Live Support was useless as they kept telling me that it works just fine. I called up friends from all over the country to type in the URL. They all ended up at that other website. I'm still boiling mad. NameCheap is cheap!

Andrew said...

Maybe it just needs time for the DNS to update. I hope, anyway.

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