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Saturday, July 11, 2009

ImageShack Hacked

It seems that image hosting service has been hacked - at least I think so. Instead of my images on several of ImageShack servers (img20, img47, img99 etc) the following picture is displayed:

Good thing I already moved most of my pictures away from this hosting as I think that ImageShack sucks because of frequent downtimes and slow loading. However I still had some pictures hosted with them that I used with several of my Squidoo lenses. I suppose I'll have to finally take my time and move them all somewhere else. Too bad it's pretty hard to find a reliable image hosting service.


Anonymous said...

Tinypic has proven to be quite reliable for me.

Witht hat said, I'm also curious as to what's up with Imageshack lately.

Anonymous said...

Yea, pretty annoying, especially on a large forum with lots of users with sigs..

I do suggest though as a possible alternative. Totally free, and I've been using them ever since imageshack got slow and full of annoying ad clutter around 2 years ago.

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