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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Create Your Own Membership Site

It is almost guaranteed that you have, at some point, signed up for a membership website. Some of the most popular websites on the internet are membership sites. Many of them are boasting millions of users. I am sure most of you have used or at least heard of Youtube, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. While MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter are actually social networking sites, they are also membership websites (in other words, you sign up for them and use your account to access them).

If you only notice these sites as membership websites, you'll fail to see the millions of other membership websites. Many of these are actually based around monetary gain. Many internet marketers pick a smaller niche (such as dog training videos, for example) and build a membership website around it. These often lead to extremely profitable sites that earn loads of income. The normal advice here is to pick a niche that you love - that way you'll love to write about it. This advice is shattered when you see the income and realize that you'll love writing about any niche that brings with it cash.

There is so much information around the internet about membership websites that it would be pointless to try to contain it in this very spot. There is, however, a free report named Secrets Of The Membership Millionaires that you should check out. It's absolutely free so there's no reason not to skim through it. The report talks about membership websites in detail and examines how many newcomers fail to correctly set up their first websites. It also covers how to get started with a membership website and go from scrounging coins from the couch to earning over ten thousand dollars a month.

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Tai Zejan said...

Good blog post! Keep it up!

Tai Zejan

bestmommy said...

What's your take on the Free NING network sites? I started a free site but I'm having trouble growing the membership. Any suggestions on ways to get the word out. Interesting blog.....picked up few good pieces of info...thanks!

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