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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Shortcut to Top Quality Content Development

Developing content has always been a slow laborious process. It is not the writing that takes time - it is doing the research. With so much material now being available at the touch of a button, the writer is swamped with search results. Wading through innumerable pages to find what you need and then organizing it in a useable manner takes hours. In fact, most of the time spent on content creation goes into the research.

It seemed that there was no way to escape this manual search for the huge amount of information that the internet presents. At least until now. Instant Article Wizard is a program that automates all this and does in a few minutes what previously took hours. This surprisingly inexpensive and easy to use program provides the content developer with all the material he or she needs to produce high quality content in next to no time. All the writer has to do is enter the article keywords and these with a few mouse clicks the program will locate the material that is needed, organize it into the opening paragraphs, the sub topics and the conclusion. All this material is then transferred to the word processor where the writer can make whatever changes and edits are needed to produce a complete high quality ready to use article.

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Instant Article Wizard will change the way website owners and content developers work. By freeing them of the drudgery of the research, it will allow for both a greater focus on the quality of the work as well as reducing the production time. The improved quality means that websites using this content will attract more viewers. And the time saving will allow website owners to devote more time to other aspects to their business and for writers who sell their articles to increase their output and income many times over. That's a winning situation for everyone.

Click Here To Download Your Free Content Development Report


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