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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clickbank Pirate Review

Introduction to My CBPirate Review

It's not often that I give in to the hype and buy these "amazing" money-making products from ClickBank. In fact, ClickBank Pirate is only the second one I've ever purchased. The reason I did that was the fact that Soren Jordansen  (Soaring4Traffic admin) is the owner, and that CBPirate promises that all you have to do in order to make money is send traffic to the simple squeeze pages that they provide. I do believe I'm the perfect test subject for this, since I've never had much luck with making Clickbank sales.

How Exactly Does Clickbank Pirate Work?
This Clickbank Pirate review has everything you need to know.

The problem with most "making money online" related CB products is that it is often hard to understand what exactly are they supposed to do at a first glance. You have to simply ignore all the "incredible $9,000 worth of bonuses" and other marketing fluff that doesn't tell you anything useful.

Thankfully, Clickbank Pirate website is pretty clear in this regard. What they do is provide professionally designed promotional tools - such as e-mail texts, banners and squeeze pages (more about those later) - for certain ClickBank products. As of now, the CBPirate members' area contains 6 "packages", or in other words, a big variety of promo tools for 6 different CB products. I was presented with a One-Time-Offer to buy more "packages" for $67, but I declined as 6 is more than enough to promote for me right now (and besides, they are supposed to add new ones every month).

"But wait" - you might ask, "Is it really worth paying as much as $67 one-time fee + $27 per month just for a bunch of tools for promoting Clickbank products?" That's what I asked myself as well. Turns out it is in fact worth it, because the Clickbank Pirate squeeze pages that I mentioned earlier do most of the work for you - all you have to do is send traffic to them (by means of PPC, or traffic exchanges for example).

The CBPirate squeeze pages (such as this one) promote a free report to the visitors. They have pretty high conversion rates (meaning there's a high chance a visitor will opt-in by entering his name and e-mail). After that the ClickBank Pirate does all the work of following up and explaining things by sending out emails with YOUR links - you do NOT have to deal with replying your potential customers or trying to sell anything to them. And the best part is, once you get a customer he becomes tagged as yours for life, making you money on all follow-up sales as well!

To sum it up:

  1. Signup for Clickbank Pirate
  2. Send traffic to their squeeze pages
  3. CBPirate does the rest and you make money!

And if you don't know how to get traffic, Clickbank Pirate can help you out a little as well. They have a tutorial on getting visitors by various means such as PPC advertising, social bookmarking and traffic exchanges (although there's only a handful of information on each traffic source, so don't expect too much). You do NOT need a website or any HTML knowledge for this to work - you can even promote using forum signatures or whatever else works for you. They also give you a free 1,000 visitors bonus in the members area.

That's about it for my Clickbank Pirate review. I didn't mention some minor bonuses that they give you, but I believe those are not all that important. For example, you will get a free Wordpress blog - however I doubt that it'll be very useful as it's on a subdomain and you have very limited control over it. The main power of CBPirate lies not there but in the automated squeeze pages that they provide - and those are HOT!

Real-Life Proof That CBPirate Works
Note: these earnings aren't typical - there's no guarantee you will get the same results. However, if you're unhappy with anything at all, ask for a refund in up to 60 days after your purchase.

So you've read my Clickbank Pirate review and you're still not convinced that you should pay $67 for it. Fair enough - $67 is no pocket change for me either.

CBPirate is a great turnkey system, and chances are almost anyone who can send enough traffic (be it via AdWords, social networks, forum signatures - whatever) can make money with it. However you will NOT make $1,000 overnight if you just sit and do nothing!

Check out the image above - it contains real-life proof that Clickbank Pirate works. The owners took their squeeze pages for a little test drive, and the results were great. The best part is, you will be using the exact same tools!

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