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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remove Wordpress Admin Top Bar in 3.1

The popular blogging platform Wordpress was recently updated to version 3.1. One of the new features is the "admin bar" that is shown to logged in users and allows them quick access to posting new content and administrating their blog. While that certainly can be useful, some people (including myself) don't find much use for it, or just want to see the site in the same way as regular visitors see it. Or maybe they just hate these "tool bars" with a passion :)

Disabling it is easy enough, if you know where the option is hidden. It's actually changed on per-user basis, so you have to go to Users in your dashboard, and manually uncheck the option for every user that doesn't want the admin bar (simple enough if you're the only one):

But what if you want to disable it for hundreds of users at the same time, or maybe remove it for specific parameters (like adding ?bar=none" to your blog URL)? Not to worry, has posted detailed instructions on more complex modifications of the behaviour of Wordpress 3.1 admin bar:


virtual office assistant said...


Great sharing and thanks for the useful tips. I have not yet downloaded the 3 version and will do it right away and follow the instructions.

Enigma said...

Thanks! Handy tip for those of us anti-tool bar folk! :-)

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